How Do You Manage Your SLAs?

It is noteworthy having an agreement for the provision of the service but both sides need to monitor all stipulated conditions of the service during ongoing operations to make sure standards specified in SLA are met. Although there might be possibly mechanisms for faults to satisfy the specified level targets laid out in SLA, service purchaser needs to constantly check whether required performance is attained or not. Likewise, service provider needs to keep log of all actions covered in SLA are met.

SLA monitoring helps your business protected and ensure your customers are satisfied with the service. At this point, SLA management becomes an unavoidable requirement. 




Meet Expectations

Service level agreement specifies level of a provided service from the point of customer, NOC team and contractor. These service levels include collecting outage data and computation of SLAs.



Achieve Target

SLAs allow to ensure the meet expectations with an objective way. By this way, reliability increases, performance evaluation and penalty cases are evaluated based on 100% accurate SLA report.

SLA Computation

Star Suite has a built-in SLA management system. SLAs for each entity type are computed with the outage data. Outage logs that are kept for fault management are the source of the SLA computation. Time series analysis is done. Star Suite’s SLA management tool does not require any additional configuration and operation. System automatically adds new services to inventory and performs SLA computations. Through SLA management tool has up-to-date inventory, newly added services are included to inventory, each day.

Force Major Situations

In some cases, uncontrollable external factors are considered and both sides cannot impose sanction on each other. Cases such as planned works, ticket and force majeure situations (earthquake, flood, bureaucratic obstacles) are identified in the system to supply 100% accurate SLA computations. Planned works are obtained from 3rd party systems and force major situations are integrated to Star Suite. All these situations are taken into consideration and extracted from SLAs.

sla management_animation

SLA Reporting

Star Suite SLA management tool monitors the availability and performance of your mission critical business applications. Dashboards and graphs gives you better visibility on whether you are meeting the needs of your customer. SLA reports are provided for customers, contractors and teams. SLAs are monitored in various formats that includes penalties, bonuses, multiple sites and key quality metrics. With SLA monitoring, contactor ensure that the outage repair time and run the process with ISP; ISP examines the performance of its operation teams; Customer feel certain about the service purchased from ISP. SLA management tool gives a good opportunity to build clear relations on service environment. Provided SLA reports existing on the system are listed below:

  • Entity (Fiber/ Link/ Trail/ Service) SLA reports
  • Maintainer SLA Reports
  • Region SLA Reports
  • SLA KPI reports

3rd party system collects the data provided from Star Suite SLA Management tool. SLA reports and dashboard can be integrated to 3rd party applications for many purposes.