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Assurance of complete telecom services to exceed customer satisfaction

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Maintain expected service levels through transparent and proactive monitoring

SLA defines the expected level of service, including specific metrics, responsibilities, and standards established between customers, suppliers, and internal departments within a company. Ensuring the fulfillment of committed levels is crucial, as breaches can lead to severe consequences for operators, including substantial fines, sanctions, reputational damage, loss of customer trust, and ultimately, customer churn.

Star Suite SLA Management provides measurability and transparency on guaranteed service levels and conditions. It allows service providers to actively monitor services and corresponding SLAs, facilitating prompt actions in urgent cases to ensure customer satisfaction and prevent revenue loss.

Star Suite SLM highlights

100% accurate SLA computations

Leveraging outage data from FM logs in computations, the system identifies scheduled works and force majeure events (such as earthquakes, floods, and bureaucratic obstacles) with time series analysis. This ensures full accuracy at agreed service levels and minimization of costly SLA violations.

Automated SLA reporting

Dashboards and reports enhance visibility into whether the promised level is being met and ensure the measurability of delivered services. Offering periodic insights into availability, key quality metrics, penalties, and bonuses to customers, contractors, and teams facilitates informed decision-making.

Threshold-crossing detection

Enables proactive intervention to maintain service excellence by prompt identification of deviations from predefined performance benchmarks.

Smooth integration

High integration flexibility with any 3rd party systems, as well as Star Suite FM and PM, enables centralized management and monitoring of advanced services.

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