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Raise the bar with proactive quality monitoring and management

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Transformation from traditional network-driven management to customer-driven approach

Instead of a tech-focused mindset, center what customers expect. Today's service quality approach is shaped around customer demands and satisfaction. It is important because telecom operators tailor their services to achieve a high level of QoS and QoE.

Star Suite Service Quality Management is a unified platform empowering NOC/SOC teams to monitor and manage service quality end-to-end. It enables them to be proactive in detecting critical issues and service degradations even before they arise thanks to converting raw data to actionable and meaningful insights. The platform not only provides a real-time understanding of the network's health but also allows fine-tuning of services by anticipating customer demands.

Star Suite SQM highlights

Trend analysis

Systematically examines and interprets data patterns, delivering comprehensive insights into performance trends based on data-driven assessments.

KPI/KQI generation

Collects measurements, calculates customizable KPIs and KQIs using smart algorithms, and monitors SLAs.

Threshold-crossing detection

Defines baselines, identifies instances of threshold violations, triggers alarms, and promptly notifies relevant parties.

Full view of service quality

Continuously monitors overall quality by examining intricate interdependencies among customers, services, and network through customizable dashboards and reports.

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