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Network Inventory


Single source of truth

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Monitor, manage, and keep track of all inventory

All operators strive to deliver first-class experience with the services offered to their customers. As network inventory is the heart of operations, what they primarily need is full transparency into their network resources and how to use them in the most efficient way.

Star Suite Network Inventory Management solution offers a single source of truth for the entire resource base, providing all relevant data about network inventory for right investment decisions, streamlined operations, and effective engineering. Up-to-date inventory is everything as outdated data usage in planning and resolution processes can have harmful consequences on the functioning of the network. Within the inventory module, operators gain access to up-to-date data including physical, logical, and service inventory, irrespective of vendor and domain.

Star Suite NIM highlights

End-to-end visibility

Achieve a consistent and unified view of the network across all technologies and layers, simplifying the tracking of all network elements.

Fully integrated with any network solution

An adaptable inventory management solution that easily integrates with 3rd party systems, providing accurate data through its extensive integration capabilities.

More efficient network planning

Manage the capacity by leveraging up-to-date data in the planning of network expansions and rollouts.

Rapid incident resolution

Swiftly pinpoint affected areas and services during outages, ensuring minimal disruption.

Reduce CAPEX

Efficient utilization and allocation of existing resources and planning of future ones through strategic investment decisions.

Reduce OPEX

Streamline workflow efficiency and ease your employees' workload by consolidating information into a single pane of glass.

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