Star Suite capacity management tool provides you a holistically coverage of all the devices on your network. In a single screen, each layer device capacities can be observed. Its primary objective is to monitor the end to end capacity on a centralized framework without the need of any excessive tool. This enables users to gain insight over the network for future plans, and todays operations. 

For all telco companies, capacity management includes planning of the sources, taking the right actions and tracking the capacity utilizations. For this aim, Star Suite offers a decision supporting tool to streamline network capacities in the light of telco needs.



Key Benefits

  • Holistic coverage of all devices from core to access (C2A)
  • Symmetric capacity reports of LSPs
  • Reliable and accurate information of the network
  • Inactive port information for better capacity planning
  • Destination based campaign-feasibility reports 
  • Detailed efficiency reports
  • Helps to streamline the capacity



Better Technical Planning Process


Technical planning of network requires to be performed in conjunction with capacity knowledge to ensure that technical plan is comprehensive and coherent. Star Suite provides a framework for network planning in the scope of capacity knowledge. It delivers the newest, the most accurate data in order to accomplish the technical activities and overall plans. Thusly, making critical plans are eased and requires less technical effort with the proper capacity management tool.

With a numerous of network capacity management solutions are available in the market, but what is important is reliability and accuracy. Among the myriad solutions, Star Suite is the one that delivers capacity reports and notifications for the all layer devices without the margin of error.

Star Suite capacity management tool makes possible teams plan over currently available network plus finding out the optimum LSP path and decision of route to be created. It has ability to demonstrate the port freeness/fullness on each network equipment. It delivers an effortless planning experience.



Make Right Decisions While Decision Making


Business plans includes strategies, profits, growth, contingency plans. It outlines overall planning required to start and run a successful business, and includes many vital decisions for the health of an enterprise, and beyond that.

Capacity management is a part of business planning that involves determining source capacity and workforce needs to make sure your enterprise is equipped to meet demand. Moreover, it lets businesses know how and when to scale, identify bottlenecks, create a better design, diminish the risks and evaluate the past investments. 



How do you support your business decisions? How do you adapt to evolving network needs? Are you able to make investment rationally? Are your network related components utilized in the most effective way?

Answer of these questions are simpler with Star Suite capacity management tool.



Inactive Slot/Port/Card Monitoring

Star Suite lets you know where the inactive ports are and which card is affixed. The reason why inactive monitoring is crucial is that it is a helper on the decision of card insertion location. If a card is not utilized, and there is no available connection over it, it is unnecessary to be located there and means extra cost. With  this tool, you can monitor the inactive port and ensure that the ports/slots/cards are located properly in line with the customer demand. 


Analysing Campaign Feasibilities

When creating new campaigns for your customers, pre-analysis of the regional capacity should be done. Telco companies need to access the actual capacity reports to make plans and investments while meeting customer demand. At this point, Star Suite ensure you to create the campaign based on network infrastructure sufficiency with accurately provided capacity reports.


Supporting your investments

Star Suite supports your milestone decisions and investments. It gives you a rational visibility into the each CI capacities. It provides a basis not only future investments, but also an evaluation mechanism for your previously decisions. In the Star Suite’s user-friendly pages, users/teams are able to observe the capacity that is bought and utilization, historically. By this way, it makes possible to work on/ manage milestone decisions and telco’s capacity related decisions.