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Provisioning & Activation

Create and deploy services with minimum effort

central bank

Enable swift, accurate, and easy delivery of services

Star Suite Service Provisioning & Activation enables the creation and implementation of end-to-end services across multi-vendor networks.

SPA centralizes planning, analysis, and provisioning, helping to prevent incorrect planning decisions and long service delivery time. This all-in-one solution not only streamlines provisioning procedures by processing large volumes of data but also prevents human errors through its automated framework.

Star Suite SPA highlights

Path optimization

By correlating the nominal topology with its protection topology, calculates optimal paths, significantly reducing the effort required for planning, and enhancing network reliability.

Improved protection

To assure service availability, protection paths are validated to avoid using the same nodes as the nominal path. Shared resources and overlapped paths may lead to a single point of failure.

Reduced errors

Prevent discrepancies and duplications in the installation process and ensure simultaneous work with error-free provisioning and activation processes through the LLD tool.

Rapid implementation

Faultless service provisioning based on real-time network data (equipment, port, fiber availability and capacities) through pre-integration with ADR - the continuous discovery process.

Automated execution

Create services automatically and share created service information via standard APIs to integrate with other OSS/BSS systems.

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