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Invaluable insights into the network health and future network problems


Empower your network's performance through end-to-end visibility and comprehensive analysis

In today’s rapidly expanding networks, customers expect nothing less than optimal network performance, while operators are committed to meeting these high standards. However, the growing complexity of multi-domain and multi-vendor environments, coupled with increasing traffic volumes, requires the ability to gather, correlate and analyze vast amounts of data.

Star Suite Performance Management is a scalable and robust solution that consolidates various data sources and delivers real-time analytics on your key performance indicators. With its Performance & Outage Predictor (POP) integrated within PM, it enables predictive maintenance by forecasting future issues and degradations, thereby assuring service continuity and improving customer satisfaction.

Star Suite PM highlights

Process large volumes of data

Seamlessly collects, processes, analyzes, and stores millions of performance metrics per 15 minutes.

AI/ML-powered prediction

Leveraging AI/ML-powered performance & outage prediction (POP) through time series analysis and classification algorithms addresses a future challenge today.

Detection of threshold violation

Detects outside the limit conditions and triggers appropriate levels of warning (minor, major, and vital thresholds) across different time periods.

Identify degradations in advance

Get ahead of service bottlenecks by identifying unnoticed patterns and trends, and addressing underperforming networks.

Customizable KPI extraction

Automatically defines and extracts your own KPIs, enabling continuous monitoring and adjustment of performance targets, while ensuring flexibility and adaptability to evolving infrastructure demands.

Advanced dashboards and reports

Customizable and purpose-built reports summarize the network’s overall performance for decision makers and C level executives.

Automated SLA calculation

Automatically calculates SLAs in regular intervals, ensuring continuous monitoring and evaluation of network performance in alignment with predefined service standards.

Increased MTBF

Maximizes service availability and minimizes downtime by uncovering critical paths and detecting abnormal activities thereby enhancing overall network reliability.

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