Star Suite is a uniquely developed platform which provides solutions to internet service providers and mobile operators in the field of infrastructure services. It is a vendor independent, multi technology OSS/BSS solution for end-to-end topology discovery, outage/quality monitoring, inventory management, fault management, planning management, change management, problem management, SLA management, trend analysis, event enrichment, diverse & hybrid services, single and multi-point of failure analyses and many more. Through these services, Star Suite makes network viewable, notifiable with addressing the root cause of the problems on the fly and reportable solutions are offered via its tools.

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WDM Overview

  • Obtain an accurate, unified view of overall network
  • Increase operational efficiency by high quality data

Automated Topology Discovery

  • Auto-discovery of physical and logical services
  • Real-time component statuses and dependency models
  • Unified topology monitoring across multiple vendor and domain
  • Linkage network, service, and customer data sources

Impact Analysis

  • Outage simulations and demonstrating impact over network
  • SPOF and MPOF analysis
  • Root cause analysis troubleshooting
  • Assigning best time for planned works

LLD Planning & Reservation

  • Port and card reservation
  • Observing idle sources
  • Multilayer transponder protection
  • Automatic provisioning, creating, adding trail process

SLA Management

  • CI (Trail / Fiber / Service) SLA Reports
  • Maintainer SLA Reports
  • Region SLA Reports
  • SLA KPI Reports

Performance Metrics & KPI Analysis

  • Find, analyze, and optimize performance
  • Zero touch performance management
  • In-depth performance visibility
  • Advanced alerting system

Difference Reports & CMDB Reconciliation

  • Single source of truth by reconciliation
  • Out-of-standard CI detection
  • Difference reports with CI records from multiple data sources
  • Ensure standard procedure of CIs

MPLS Overview

  • Interdomain correlation and centralized network
  • Improved quality of service
  • End-to-end dependency graph

Capacity Management

  • Increased visibility from core to access
  • Helps to streamline the capacity
  • Interdomain correlation and centralized network

Utilization Management

  • Unified approach for virtual environments
  • Customizable capacity / utilization reports
  • Alerting system for threshold violations

Failure Prevention

  • Root cause analysis of failures
  • Unexpected device action detection
  • Active reporting of performances
  • Comprehensive logs

Radio Link Overview

  • Full sight of topology
  • Deep performance visibility
  • Pinpoint bottlenecks

Network Performance Monitoring

  • Easy-to-read performance data
  • Check AMR stability
  • Up-to-date power trend reports
  • Flag method for emphasizing unstable cases
  • Comprehensive analysis of capacity & bandwidth utilization
  • Threshold management

E2E Network Topology Mapping

  • View an interactive network diagram of how network is structured
  • Real time mappings including devices, elements and relationships
  • Automated network topology
  • Domain& vendor agnostic
  • Informative visualizations
  • Always up-to-date inventory
  • Fully customizable

Smart Resource Planning

  • Increase awareness on your idle sources
  • See your unused modems/radios
  • Network assets with capacity knowledge


  • Integration between domains despite numerous devices
  • Exploring adjacencies
  • Processing terabytes of performance data almost in real time
  • Terabytes of performance data with almost real time process
  • Interdomain connection

Who uses Star Suite?

Star Suite is used throughout the organizational structure. Teams/technical staff/telco engineers/solution partners use it for the following purposes:

NOC Team

NOC team use Star Suite to determine when there is an abnormality that may cause malfunction or any quality problem in the system with on the fly impact analysis. When a problem arises, NOC team interfere it or escalate it to the contractors. With the utilization of Star Suite, number of alarms are significantly reduced. It makes possible monitoring the outages continuously on dashboards and reaching the required information with the reports directly. By providing root cause analysis, diagnosis can be found and implemented.

Operation Team

Operation team monitor and examine the topology on extensive screens, dashboards and reports while executing and reconstructing technical operations. Instead of taking actions, planning and maintenance, performing outage analysis on handmade tools; Star Suite gathers all these functions in a platform. Thanks to Star Suite, daily operations can be performed with one click, and engineers can focus on engineering actions more, less time and effort are required. That’s why Star Suite minimizes time consuming work and labor force.

Planning Team

Source utilization and trail infrastructure planning, making investments in line with target are satisfied with Star Suite. Reports that reduce errors during operations and tools that make possible checking outcome of past investments objectively are beneficial for planning actions. Moreover, durations and assessment of the outage reasons can be followed up along the reports. Thereby, planning actions require less employee and effort; also accuracy is provided.

Performance Evaluation Team

Calculation of MTBF, MTTR, availability metrics according to the contractor SLA’s , and scoring the performances regionally ensure objective aspect of performance evaluation. For any decision of route, investment, these calculations are done for both retrospective report and future analyses, periodically.

Executive Decision Maker

While keeping the company operating efficiently and making strategic decisions that help organization continue growing, related documents such as tasks or reports that assist in decision making can be submitted. Provided reports and dashboards facilitate decision making and allow decisions to be based on a subjective basis.