Why is utilization management so important?

Network utilization refers to the amount of traffic on a network compared to the capacity that network can support. Possibly, there can be many times that network is busier and utilization is high. Consequently, users experience slow down when the utilization is that much high. Response times delay and it may hinder daily process operations’ efficiency. It is a preventable case, however, may result in lost revenues. Thusly, it is important to understanding the factors that affect utilization and know how to manage the network preventing it from negatively impacting your enterprise.    


Optimize your utilization with Star Suite

With a high-performance utilization management tool, all the operations work with the maximum efficiency. Star Suite allows you to define structures, get notified for threshold violations, monitor and analyze the traffic, availability, memory, and CPU details, prevents bottlenecks, and ensures all components run smoothly.         



Stay ahead of the customer demand based on utilization needs by forecasting. Have useful simplified data on network performance to support your decisions.

Process big data

Since a network is made up of numerous components, performance management is a grueling work. Numerous components mean huge amount of data to be processed and costly operations to be performed. These bulk data gain a value when they are associated logically. Star Suite utilization management tool refers to the performance measuring, diagnosing and optimizing the service quality by extracting sackful of data into associated accurate knowledge. It gives you what you need to support your decisions and investments with its reportable, sensible structure that will facilitate everyone’s work from executives to the teams.

Get alerted

As performance issues can lead disruptions in the daily operations of your enterprise, it is crucial to take an action as soon as possible. Star Suite interactively evaluates problems from different angles to uncover the root cause of the bottleneck. It lets you define the structured rules based on thresholds, and then ensures that each CI processes smoothly.  Thanks to Star Suite utilization management tool you are proactively notified via email in the event of threshold violations. Most of the time, you will be able to fix the problem before your customer notice that there is a problem on the network. Thusly, no longer time consuming detection actions and ineffective operations are available, instead you pinpoint the issue with Star Suite.


Star Suite allows you end to end monitoring by integrating all layer devices. Each component on the network and its performance becomes traceable. Provided CPU, memory usage, total traffic etc. knowledge gives you a visibility about the health of your network. You can visualize your network on the fly and create reports for real time status information. Star Suite creates trend reports and dashboards for previous periods, which is the best way to observe the progress.