Resource management is an integral part of business today. Utilizing every resource wisely is imperative for every organization to simplify the processes and use the sources as close as 100% efficiency. Gaining visibility, planning, and tracking resources are provided by implementing resource management tools. 

How does Star Suite resource planning benefits?

  • Improve resource utilization
  • Eliminate redundant investments
  • Optimize your resource levels
  • Resource availability tracking
  • Full visibility on resources
  • Single version of truth

What does Star Suite do?

Traffic and bandwidth consumption and requirements may alter region to region and customer to customer in a live manner. These changes may happen rapidly or slowly. No matter how fast it occurs, adapting to changing demands and requirements without decrement in quality is number one goal. 

While demands are changing, it affects the actual usage and utilization of currently used equipment and services. Star Suite performs resource management by harmonizing up-to-date topology and actual KPI intelligently. 

Star Suite come up with the idea of recommendation of deactived resources. It performs resource management by harmonizing up-to-date topology and actual KPI intelligently. Revealing modems/radios with low utilization and providing likely to degrade equipment tips lets allocating right sources and bring transparency to their usage at sites.

Increase Awareness on Your Sources

Trying to manage networks and services without awareness of what is disused or usage above the capacity may result in either inefficient network management or redundant investments. Star Suite creates a list of available but unused modems and radios. Reports include protection statuses, modulations, frequencies, and thresholds. Since it provides inactive ports of equipment and capacities, it gives an opportunity to use existing sources instead of purchasing new ones. Using available equipment increases efficiency, and evaluating past equipment purchases, so it decreases CAPEX.