Radio link is a digital transmission mechanism established for airborne communication with high frequency electromagnetic waves between two endpoints. Broadcasting of transmission waves reach the target by following a narrow corridor and does not spread outside of the narrow corridor. In the network systems, it can be used as a telecommunication element in the layer of 1. It mostly used in the conditions that communication is difficult. However, it is open to be affected by external conditions such as LOS, rain zone, weather conditions etc. Thanks to its powerful data transmission, it can be used successfully even in the rural and harsh territories.

Monitoring with Star Suite

Radio Link technology consist of point-to-point links, not service structures. With the automated topology discovery tool, customers now have the opportunity to observe the full sight of topology for a reliable communication. Simply put, provided topology allows you understand the radio links on your network and where they connect, how they interact. Additionally, associating radio link-IP/MPLS devices are as important as monitoring links. Star Suite provides you an end-to-end topology to be automatically recognized and associates radio links with the services by labelling. 

As in the other domains, Star Suite enables you monitor the outages or degradations and solve them before they become a threat for your business. 

Smooth Communication

Interference from outside sources, such as changes in the environment (moving objects, heat, trees, wind) all affects the performance of radio link. As conditions change, a technique which is called Adaptive Modulation allows the radio link to change its speed. If a wave is using a higher level of modulation and perceives any interference with the signals receiving from another in network, it decreases modulation. Decelerating the modulation rate makes system more resistant to the external influences and gives a probability of data transmission being successful.

Star Suite is a tool to observing the performance and logging them. It gathers modulation changes of radio links over time, demonstrates the adjacencies and gives a full view of the performance.

Moreover, it gives you evaluation of the stabilization of device performances. Star Suite automatically calculates the stability by considering the duration of each modulation, assign points to their performance and send notifications according to the severity. By this way, you can easily understand the points where frequently changes happen. The point where the stability is not satisfied refer a point where a specific problem can occur. Detecting stability changes beforehand decreases your operational costs and required manpower. 

Additionally, radio link utilizations and power values are provided in reports. You can evaluate the performances of radio links.