Radio link is a communication system that uses high frequency electromagnetic waves to transmit information between two fixed locations. With its high broadband, moving large amount of data at high speed makes these links so adoptable. Eliminating need of additional equipment and cable facilitates installing links. Thanks to its powerful data transmission, it can be used successfully even in the rural and harsh territories. Radio links are used almost everywhere. For instance, Internet Service Providers use radio links to provide high speed Internet access to their customers, companies and government agencies use them to provide communication networks between nearby facilities within an association.

Despite its beneficial sides, it is an airborne communication system and open to be affected by external conditions. Conditions such as rain, fog, snow that means bad weather conditions may result in performance degradation of radio links. Also, increment in network size triggers unstable device actions and unplanned downtimes. To obstacle such scenarios, radio link performance monitoring is a vital necessity. Star Suite’s multi vendor radio link performance monitoring tool that includes traffic, stability, and, performance details is an easy-to-use console. Drilling down into specific details, reading performance data, viewing reports and thresholds for key metrics are feasible. Use Star Suite to check your radio link performance.

Another necessity for a better network management is network mapping. A great mapping solution gives vivid visualizations, indicates how network is constructed and how they are connected. For an effective visualization, a tool should draw a picture for your clear understanding of relationships, overall network structure in an informative way. Star Suite is developed for customers’ mapping needs. First, It discovers network topology, then composes an up-to-date inventory. This is how Star Suite creates vivid visualizations and use them while mapping. Let’s discover E2E network mapping tool!

Because of network complexity and numerous components included, ISP’s might overlook what is unused in their network and make redundant investments time to time. Not to face with kind of situation, realizing the whole resources and making network plans accordingly is crucial. Considering the problem, Star Suite aims to increase awareness on network’s potential by giving the list of idle resources and assets. Start managing your network with Star Suite!