Networks are foundation of each business and performance levels checking is a vital necessity for either small or enterprise-level businesses.

Network performance monitoring helps you keep an eye on performance trend, foresee potential outages, and address problems. This helps keeping up with the issues and maintain business running efficiently. 

Star Suite is developed for customers’ monitoring needs including visualizing performance trends and monitor links, availability, AMR stability, bandwidth utilization, power performance, temperature etc. Unless network is monitored, it is harder to identify the issues and control the performance level.

Do you have any difficulty in finding answers to these questions:

The cause and the what’s underlying?

Where and when it happened?

Who is in charge of fixing it?

Start managing your network with Star Suite, and take control.



Smooth Communication

Radio link, a-two-way radio communication system, is open to be affected by external conditions such as moving objects, heat, trees, wind etc. and these factors have an direct impact on the performance of radio links. Therefore, radio link performance monitoring is the most important step for smooth communication. 

Stabilized Performance

As conditions change, Adaptive Modulation allows the radio link to change its speed. If a wave is using a higher level of modulation and perceives any interference with the signals receiving from another in network, it decreases modulation. Deceleration in modulation rate makes system more resistant to the external influences and gives a probability of data transmission being successful.

Star Suite is a tool to show the stability of interaction between two equipment. Stability is calculated with time spent on varied modulations of each NE during data transmission. Star Suite gathers and shows all location details of a radio link, service type, duration in QAM & BPSK, and performs calculations of average daily rate and standard deviation. It assigns ultimate scores and checks the ones with “0” standard deviations which is desirable and do not change its modulation.

If calculated score is outside the levels specified by customer decision, a flag is created. Flag is a method to emphasize the unstable cases. When a certain level of flag is created for a radio link, customer is informed, previously. 

Performance data consisting huge amount of data prosess, is converted a readable and meaningful form and created reports including weekly stability scores and flags. It facilitates both performance tracking and report generation, so it prevents reduced efficiency and effectiveness. This increases control over the radio link performance.

Balance Your Bandwidth Consumption

Most administrators don’t know when they actually need to purchase additional bandwidth due to lack of a reliable bandwidth usage monitoring. Therefore, it is crucial to have a tool for balancing bandwidth and capacity.

A real-time bandwidth monitoring tool of Star Suite consists of both capacity and utilization analysis for each link in a system.  It measures and shows which points are consuming the most bandwidth, speed of communication, max min values, and severity levels in real-time. In Star Suite, you may access modulations, protection statuses and variety of other functions at any particular time. 

Star Suite allows monitoring bandwidth utilizations by slot and interface, which is extremely useful in pinpointing problems and justifying additional bandwidth. Teams use Star Suite to understand how network bandwidth is utilized and decide whether purchase an additional bandwidth when overload exists. Since traffic throughout large and complex networks is heavy, Star Suite bandwidth monitoring has a critical importance to a network manager who is chiefly responsible of ensuring peak network performance. It reduces your investment costs as it allows to carry higher capacity with less equipment. 

Slot availabilities 

Maintaining continuous uptime is one of the most critical goals that ISPs achieve because even a minute can cost a lot. Star Suite shows all the device availabilities and defined thresholds, and if any device is out of specified level or cut, it notifies you immediately.

Slot availability is a screen including point-to-point links, where they connect and how they interact plus topology maps. Star Suite enriches data and presents whole details in a single page to facilitate reaching what is needed. 

Total outage duration, MTTR, MTBF and availabilities of radio links are provided. This eliminates checking each slot performances individually and making calculations. Observing availabilities and controlling them provides fulfillment of guaranteed service level and prevents superfluous payments

Power Performance

Power performance is one of the key metrics that indicates the health of a transmission. In an ideal system, what is received should be almost equal to what is transmitted. Star Suite keeps the 15-mins of logs of transmitted and received power values between interacted radio links. It collects the data from EMSs so you can learn equipment with poor performance values.


Star Suite provides temperature monitoring of slots to prevent network downs and equipment get damaged by overheating. Track equipment temperatures and realize if they fluctuate or not. Star Suite gives minimum and maximum values with its thresholds. If an equipment temperature is moving out the acceptable range, alarms are created automatically, and details are shown. Star Suite notifies directly if temperature exceeding level is becoming a concern. With this capability, it pinpoints the problems.