Performance analysis transforms data into knowledge and sense and is about providing and using performance data to support decision making. It is a process of measuring, monitoring, calculating and optimization of the network with performance tools. Effective analysis helps teams/individuals make better decisions that will drive strategic outcomes.



Today’s businesses rely on a capable and safe network to run their operations and aims to deliver a smooth user-friendly experience to their customers, thusly validation and analyzing becomes extremely important and impacts businesses when any deterioration on network occurs. There is no doubt that all sized businesses need to monitor the performance of CIs, have in-depth sight of quality issues and anticipate potential disruptions and address them beforehand.                        


Visualize & Analyze & Evaluate KPIs and Metrics


Star Suite gives you a scalable performance management tool that has ability to quickly recognize the connected devices to your network, monitoring end to end performance, keeping track of the status alteration on real-time basis. Accurate data collection, processing and analyzing KPIs continuously lead to in-dept insight, more efficient network management and improved quality of service. It provides solutions even for the largest network environments.



Performance Analysis Steps of Star Suite


⓵ Collection

Measuring the performance of network requires huge data collection and  analyses from multiple domains, technologies, including vendors and other sources. Star Suite collects and measures the performance data in large quantities every day.


In Star Suite performance data is correlated on service, fiber, customer and region basis for any vendor. User has ability to observe the fiber, customer, region, service details beside base values, attenuations, status changing times in a screen with a single click. User-friendly interfaces of Star Suite offer you the relation of the items on your network instantly. 

Anomaly Detection

When a value is beyond the lower and upper limits- called anomaly, possible it is an attention required case. This situation may cause quality degradation even outage on services. Therefore, observing any status changes, quality issues and any anomalies are vital for network management. 

Star Suite demonstrates abnormal value, its base, duration, severity of the state, related contractor details in seconds. Capturing gathered information help quickly investigate underlying issues and solve network challenges. Moreover, it alerts you via mail when anomalies on the system are available to minimize service degradations and impact on customers.


In Star Suite status changes, cutting down, quality alarm records are stored on the fiber and trail basis, retrospectively up to a year. Logs provide historical check over your network.


⓶  KPI Computation


NE at the sites continuously generates different metrics such as temperature, line attenuation, signal loss, utilization rate, fiber optics level, QoS, CPU and send these performance metrics to its NMS/EM periodically. Star Suite receives these metrics from NMS/Ems with slot/port/card information, combines them with the alarms on the system and converts these data into KPIs with automated computations. KPI conversion with the holistic data gives you visibility to validate your network performance and meet your service level agreement. Properly calculated KPIs such as MTTR, MTBF, availability ensures your future investments.


⓷ Reporting

Trend Reports

Clear view of a status or value change of an item on network provided by trend reports. It focuses the changes according to the time. Star Suite lets you obtain critical performance metrics and then displays them in trend reports. 


You can gain a valuable aspect into the nature of your network performance. Customizable dashboard     provides a generally monitoring through a centralized user experience. It is an overview of performances for decision makers/teams/individuals.


With the automated computation of KPIs, provided reports are stated below.

  • SLA Reports
  • Fiber/ Link SLA Reports
  • Service SLA Reports
  • Customer SLA Reports
  • Region SLA Reports
  • Maintainer SLA Reports
  • Outage SLA Reports
  • Fiber Attenuation
  • Fiber/ Link MTBF & MTTR
  • Fiber/ Link Flap Reports
  • Bandwith/ Port Utilization Reports
  • Microwave AMR Stability Reports
  • Capacity Reports