Multi Protocol Label Switching is a protocol-agnostic routing mechanism in high performance telecommunication networks that directs data one node to next based on predetermined shortest paths (LSP) avoiding complex lookups in routing table. MPLS stands for the idea that packet labelling, replacing them with another label during network information distribution so that each switch knows  if they encounter a particular label by looking up the MPLS table. It is a widely used technique to transfer data with accelerating and  the shaping traffic accross enterprise and service provider network. 

As devices are increasing and network is growing day by day, capacity and utilization management, network monitoring, failure prevention and increased quality of service become the key of success for enterprises. Capacity exceeds, performance degradations even outage issues, errors, threshold violations are undesirable cases. To tackle such scenarios, Star Suite offers a detailed traffic analysis of devices, quick insight into utilization and capacity, a dedicated QoS. Star Suite’s OSS/BSS solution delivers basic and advanced services while supporting MPLS technology.

In most complex environments, most providers deploys differenciated tools for their varied needs. However, you can focus on entirely of the overall your network with a holistic view on a single platform. Detect, diagnose and resolve the issues on real-time. Eliminate the operational bottlenecks, optimize your network performance, gain the maximum output with Star Suite.