Star Suite is a complete solution for end-to-end topology monitoring, presenting network analytics and delivers a complete view of services/devices across any generation of mobile technology, covering 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and more. It offers a rich performance monitoring and diagnosing tool for optimized service delivery and high awareness of your network.

Diversity in Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has been evolving rapidly since the beginning of this millennium, its uses are becoming diverse and expanding. It is expected that the future of computer technology is attached to the wireless networking and computing more. Each day, portable devices are coming into prominence. 

From 1G to today’s technology, cumulative increment of services and devices caused the diversity. The gradual transition between successive generations required the use of any investment in previous technology along with the new one. This continuous process refers to both RAN devices and core services to be setup, improving technologies to be managed in time. To briefly, the first reason of diversity is the increment in the use of services and devices in developing process. 

Since the network is a complex structure, ISPs build it with multiple components as they provide services to the customers. Mostly, a network consists of multi-vendor components. Having components that are supplied from multiple vendors makes network more complex and difficult to manage. Thusly, the second reason of diversity in network is having multi-vendor components.

By the 5G technology usage, very high frequencies that offer more bandwidth is provided in order to deliver huge amount of data to more devices simultaneously. A new automation layer will be achieved with the application of internet of things technology to smart manufacturing, power grids, cities, digital supply chains and connected assets. This will network compose of more capacities, devices, services, nodes, hereby diversity will increase. Network management will be troublesome without additional tools. ISPs that achieve ultra-low latency, high speed connectivity, vastly increased capacity with applying 5G technology and provide them to the customers will outrun its competitors and realize the full of potential network.  

Star Suite is a “5G Ready” tool

Customers expect their interactions with telecommunications companies to be distinctive, accessible, digital and simple. To meet these demands, Star Suite is here with comprehensive set of capabilities to help you manage 5G networks and services. Our solution enables you to accelerate and manage your 5G network by providing end-to-end network observability, in-depth insight of your performance, and fulfillment of regulations. 



Why do you need Star Suite?


     How quickly are you notified when something goes wrong or fails?

     Are you able to triage the issues, identify and monitor its impact?

   ►  How do you find the underlying issue to detect the root cause?


Star focuses on these questions to provide world-class customer experience,remediating problem quickly, and lead to a competitive advantage to ISPs. Its main goal is to give enough information to remediate the issue, accelerate the NOC teams operations and put forth the root causes.             

Resolve Your Mobile Network with Star Suite

Radio Access network contains all 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation devices such as BSC and BTS for 2G, RNC and NodeB for 3G, EnodeB for 4G. Star Suite allows you visualize all mobile environment and connections between them to make sense of complex networks. Star Suite differs from its equivalences in terms of integration with external sources in a domain& vendor agnostic way. Associating cross domain devices offers a real-time monitoring. Mobile topology mapper includes BSC, BTS, RNC, NodeB, EnodeB, and where they connected, along with their connection of IP/MPLS devices. Moreover, an accurate inventory information brings additional benefits to NOC/IT teams on their operations. The combination of an accurate inventory and end-to-end topology reduces the number of tools required, increases the effectiveness, and ensures the maximum SLA for stakeholders. It helps you easily monitor and visualize the network end-to-end, clarify the relations, and have an accurate horizontal service regardless of its complexity.

Identify Issues

Once something goes wrong, the first step is identifying what is triggered, the next step is understanding impact and severity. Often, identifying is the big part of remediating a problem. 

In most networks, metrics tend to a follow a pattern periodically therefore, KPIs indicate a trend. Star Suite gives a great observability that is a direct line sight linking metrics and trend of the KPIs.  With actual inventory and performance metrics integration, you are informed about any degradation, outage, and get alerted when there is a deviation from the trend occurs just in case pointing out to potential troubles. What’s more Star Suite lets you know where the problematic points are located and which possibly affected points and services are. 

Quick Access to Performance Metrics

Poor quality of experience mostly results in subscriber churn. As network expands and devices increases, performance mostly decreases. To avoid that, network performance should be boosted and traced. Customer behaviors also affect the performance, shift the traffic levels. This traffic levels should be analyzed and streamlined by accessing the performance metrics.

With the spread of 5G technology and later mobile technologies, the number of technologies will increase. Increasing number of technologies and devices result in terabyte of performance data to be processes for each day. Star Suite use big data processing technique to collect and present you huge amount of data in a summarized format. It has an ability to process the 36gb of data in 3 minutes. With this high process capability, these amounts of data are collected from counters with 15 minutes periods and converted into KPIs allowing historic search, with a real time display options for momentary presentation. Thus, CSPs can access the performance metrics and KPIs quicker than ever with easy-to-use interfaces and advanced filtering options. This allows CSPs to observe any KPI at any point in network and detecting problems accurately and taking corrective actions immediately. Moreover, performance data can be enriched and exported to other systems.