Easiest way to plan network via LLD & Reservation

LLD is a supportive tool for planning operations, process management, capacity management and provisioning. It simplifies planning engineers daily tasks, so they can focus on more important projects each day. Star Suite offers a uniquely developed LLD tool that has a positive effect on costs, errors and SLAs. 




Easier Planning Operations



✓ Path Optimization

Decision of route to be created has a great importance on network infrastructure efficiency and effectiveness. Star Suite’s LLD Tool helps engineers to find out the optimum path during planning actions in less time. Actual topology correlated with the protection topology on the sites can be designed without any error. By this way, planning operations are eased, need of excessive hardware and service is eliminated.


✓ Create Visibility

Star Suite allows users to observe the actual capacity of each transponder and NE unlike NMS. It provides users to access information about port freeness and how much space is occupied and free on transponder cards. This capacity monitoring has a great importance inasmuch as it gives an objective perspective on making any investment on the locations whether additional cards are genuinely needed or not. Thence, related capital investments decreases with the properly managed capacity.



✓ Reliable Protection Planning

The risk of an outage is an inevitable case when both main and protection path overlaps on the same port. While designing protected services use of wrong transponder cards at first and second levels may lead single point of failure on a protected services. LLD Tool helps planning multilayer transponder protection to prevent any unexpected outage. Thus, it increases SLAs.




We offer dynamic, smooth, powerful network operations 

Best practice of eliminating potential risks, preventing conflicts with automated network operations are fulfilled. LLD tool includes reservation, auto recognition, provision to manage your prosess successfully with minimum error.



Better Process Management

✓ Port Reservation

Service planning phase is normally executed by engineers/planning teams who have network knowledge. However, physical installation is done by the technicians at different locations. Thus, what is planned may be different from what is done on the network basis. 

To deal with the situation, Star Suite provides users the ability to reserve ports not to let duplication. The idea is to prevent the conflict on trail planning which is normally complicated. Users can see the reserved ports and work on another port simultaneously without any challenge. Reserving the ports has a contribution to speed up and gain time on planning process. Moreover, it decreases OPEX. Since the reservation cannot be done on NMS, Star Suite is a single solution. 

✓ Work Order Generation

LLD Tool helps NOC teams pinpoint the exact port to work on. Port destination where the operation is performed is determined before it starts. NOC teams do the installation on the ports, easily. LLD gives a direct information of port to reduce human sourced error.

✓ Automatic Provisioning

Star Suite includes automatic provision, the process of trail creating/adding by sending request with web service and dispatching created trail information to NMS with a tool after installation. 


✓ Auto Recognition of the Installed Trail

The planning and physical installation may have time gap between each other. The state of the site might be changed during time gap. In Star Suite installation time and details of the planned trail can be viewable by providing automated topology discovery. Trails are automatically recognized on the system.

LLD Planning & Reservation tool provides
  • 1st & 2nd transponder card selection over actual network state
  • Port reservation
  • Visibility of transponder cards at 1st & 2nd levels 
  • Filtering option on which user can create the trail city by city country by country