Decrease outage 

Automatic event alarms keep you warned as soon as they occur


Speed up your resolution

Analyse failures so you can easily find the root cause of an issue

 Simulate planned works

Find proper time for your planned works and schedule them



Outages are unavoidable systemic feature of the network environment. Any part of network that causes malfunction can make system unstable even make network collapsed. Hence, minimizing outage risk is essential to ensure network operations smoothness. Despite this undesirable event may occur in a single or multiple point, effects of an outage can be scattered in whole network. Since network holds many firms and operations together, understanding and resolving outage reasons may be vital for ensuring business permanence.

Detecting network tardiness, connectivity problems, outages and troubleshooting is a time-consuming endeaver with handmade tools. It is a complex problem that requires more than a system to accomplish it. Without the right tool for impact analysis, it is almostly impossible to conduct in a good way.


Star Suite’s impact analysis tool has a correlation with its topological services what makes network kept up date. With the affiliation of physical and logical services, effect of any state change or outage can be observable over network. Provided graphs of topology are conceptualized in order to inspect the impact on service, customer, region etc. Reason of an outage is probably equipment, port or fiber. 

Collected events over topology is the key to find out the root cause of the problem. Through the Star Suite’s intelligent system, you pitpoint.                  


This tool implicates on the fly SPOF and MPOF analyses. Management of faults is done over impact analysis. With this tool, accepted events are converted to the faults with algorithms. Whenever faults occur or end, condition of the alarms changes, they are raised/cleared automatically.


It is crucical to identify outages and their impacts before they affect your business performance. For this aim, Star Suite’s impact analysis tool provides in-depth insights for your works on network. Planned works can be simulated automatically, and the effect on multiple planned works are served up on a plate. Simulation over actual network what makes network preceise and accurate can be done through topological correlation.