Explore in& out domain relations, review performances and manage multi-vendor environments faster and safer than ever.


As telecom operators aim to offer advanced services, boosted network performance and gaining competitive advantages, they invest on fiber technologies to build robust FTTX and GPON networks and deep strategies. What they require is a unified approach, flexibility of integration, end-to-end topology of the whole network, vendor agnosticism, diagnosing connectivity issues.

We are covering network end-to-end!

Remove manual inventory exploration and take the advantage of knowing what your network completely includes. Star Suite provides an end-to-end network topology correlation in & out domains with harmonizing multiple data sources and strategies. Now, it connects both physical and logical layers across all domains and there is no an uncovered domain in telecommunication industry.


Discovery Methods

  • Direct connection of FTTx and GPON equipment over network via SNMP
  • Integration with APIs, CORBA etc.
  • Reading NMSs’ or devices’ file outputs
  • Connecting devices with CLI

Have a unified approach of FTTX GPON management

Star Suite allows operators to manage network devices, fibers, and CIs regardless of OLT/ONT vendor, and deliver an uninterrupted service from a single suite. Since Star Suite is a vendor agnostic tool, it provides proactively monitor and manage quality and connectivity problems.



Maximize ROI

Our unified platform exploits existing integrated fiber and copper infrastructure so, this increases network bandwidth and reliability. The solution increases FTTX end-to-end deployment capacity while decreasing CAPEX and OPEX.  

Vendor Interoperability

By covering and matching all ONT / OLT vendors, you achieve access network diversity and increase cost savings.


Process Automation

Gain time on processes, accelerate the deployment of new services and innovations by introducing new vendors and service varieties.

Zero-touch Provisioning

Increase operational efficiency by automating processes that positively impact an organization's multi-level workforce.