Preemptive Actions

It is obvious that accomplishment, reputation and profit is tied up with network infrastructure. If an organization’s network experiences a failure during some transactions, the company could possibly loose large sum of money and impacts mission-critical businesses. As large companies may overcome the situation, its effects can be devastating for small businesses. The direct costs from network failures include less employee productivity and SLA decrements. 

A well-functioning network means customers who are satisfied with the service they get. Satisfied customers have a good perception of that company. In this way, a good reputation is gained. Otherwise, there is a direct impact from the potentially huge hit to the organization’s reputation and attrition.       

Success depends on both failure prevention and its analysis. Preventive actions aim to correct a potential problem. Unlike corrective actions, which focuses the root cause of the problem, preventive actions address the issues before they occur. Failure analysis has an importance as much as prevention does. Analyzing gives you the observability of an issue under the current circumstances. It helps you explore the data in meaningful way. 

An ideal solution gives you the availability to monitor real time issues and provide visibility into where potential problems may arise. Star Suite helps you to conduct preemptive actions in 5 steps.


Star Suite helps you to implicate the analysis. It focuses the performance alarms which are threshold violations and look for the possible issues on the right place on the right time. Briefly, you will not waste  time while detecting problems anymore, and it will rule out the false positives immediately.

Device Performance Monitoring

Star Suite gives you an accurate observability of CIs within its thresholds. Inventory that worsening over the time may be a sign of future breakdowns. For instance, detecting a sudden behavior, a temperature value over season normal, a fluctuation on optical power, unexpectedly increment/decrement of utilization is crucial part of preventive actions.

Get Alerted

Star Suite helps you to keep track of your devices and take preemptive actions over unconventional data. It detects degradations and outages and notifies for likely cases via email as soon as possible. The aim is to inform you the current situation of your network and alterations. An added benefit is that you are aware of the case and helps you to manage SLA with the contractor and ISP.

Active Reporting

Provided reports are the best way explore the data in meaningful way and observe the deteriorating trend. Our solution creates monthly, weekly, daily reports. It includes the summary of the whole network performance. An added benefit is it makes possible to compare the contractors regionally, evaluate the performance of the teams, objectively.


Star Suite logs all the alarms, performance changes, utilization, availability, optical power values, start/end times, durations and many more. It gives you a retrospective insight and an opportunity to evaluate changes in current statuses.