Checklist For Your Monitoring Needs


  • Do you have an auto-discovery and synchronization tool or use home grown inventory tools?
  • Can you monitor the whole relationship of CIs end-to-end regardless of its domain and vendor? 
  • Do you have a single source of truth or multiple scattered data sources for network components?
  • Can you see on-the-fly mapping based on up-to-date inventory?
  • Do you have an integration with NMS/ EMS/ OSS/ BSS systems?
  • Do you have difficulty in observing radio links, switches, routers, and interfaces connections? 

This checklist will help you review and understand your needs. If you are interested to know more, learn about Star Suite radio link solutions.

Ease on Monitoring

Networks are complex environments and continues to evolve. With extending requirements and needs, networks are being complex with the increasing number of spanned technologies and vendors day by day. Such complexity makes networks difficult to manage. Network engineers need an accurate visualization of the network to monitor performance, stability, and network faults. Businesses can prevent these bottlenecks and outages with network mappings. Topology graphs and maps are the key of monitoring both adjacencies and connections.

It is often easier and more effective to demonstrate a picture than describing it. A well-designed link analysis or graph visualization identifies the relationships between interconnections if you need the overall infrastructure comprehension. Radio link topology monitoring allows you make sense of complex network environment by visualization. 

Star Suite allows end-to-end topology monitoring by unifying multi-vendor and domain at-a-glance. Its user-friendly interfaces provide what’s needed in detail but simple. Moreover, Star Suite’s ability of integration with any NMS/EMS/OSS/BSS systems as well as any protocol brings a host of additional benefits besides real-time monitoring. These bring along less tool requirement of NOC teams, increased efficiency and effectiveness, increased SLAs for your enterprise customers. Start observing your radio link topology end-to-end and discover anything of your radio link environment.

Explore links and adjacencies

Building associations of radio links with other domains is crucial when you need the full sight of topology. It is a concept to identify the interconnections and adjacencies based on up-to-date inventory and on the fly mapping skills. The approach allows network intelligently discovered, holistically mapped, and used as single source of truth for radio link network management.

Star Suite topology mapper depicts nested site topologies of point-to-point radio links within routers, switches, and interfaces with its unique algorithms. Provided topology allows you understand where they are located, connected and how they interact by exploring the adjacencies. Star Suite easily visualizes whole topology with automated recognition and associates radio links with the services by labelling regardless of its complexity.