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5 Steps of CMDB Reconciliation


A full story of configuration correction& detection is maintained by Star Suite CMDB reconciliation & difference reports tool. 5 steps of CMDB reconciliation are presented below.


⓵ Accurate & Up-to-Date Data Collection

Fidelity achievement on your CMDB starts with accurate data. That is why having impartial inventory data on your CMDB is the first step. Inaccurate data increases the risk of problems on your critical services. 

Knowing your CMDB is up to date empowers you toward vulnerabilities both outside and inside the organization. Single source of truth helps identify potential risks, vulnerabilities and arrange priorities while decision making.

Thusly, Star Suite collects accurate complete information about your configuration items, services and infrastructure as a first step of reconciliation.  Automated Topology Discovery tool integration with CMDB reconciliation tool ensures latest, updated network topology information. Collected CMDB data is used for report generation.


⓶ Comparison of Data Sources

Providing data consistency is an important but time-consuming task for ISP operation teams. Comparing various data sources and identifying what is out of the standards is an error-prone process. Manual processing of identifying configuration discrepancies boosts risk of deficiency/ duplication. However, detecting differences on datasets is the indispensable step for smooth operations to be performed. Star Suite’s capacity to compare available topology and CI data with standards eliminate those risks and efforts associated with manual comparisons, enables teams to conduct faster with a full of confidence. 


⓷ Correction 

Correction act of an item on different data sources on CI basis is the third step of reconciliation. Star Suite put forth the differences immediately and both CI records on NMS and CMDB are updated/corrected with some predefined rule set via its API, automatically. This automated process ensures all associated changes are implemented without any human error.


⓸ Improve Your System & Service Health

When there is a missed or wrong featuring of a component, misunderstanding and damaging on operations become inevitable. Health of a system decreases, and errors arises. That is why naming standardization that is applicable on different systems is essential. To avoid differentiation, configuration items should have a naming standard procedure. Star Suite ensures that recorded CI is available on both CMDB and NMS with according to the specified procedure.

CMDB reconciliation tool helps to eliminate human sourced errors while detecting differences on data sources and fixing troubleshooting situations. Moreover, automated provisioning executes all the data needed satisfy requirements is complete, up-to-date. 


⓹ Create Reports

Difference reports delivers an ‘at a glance’ snapshoot of the differences on your data sources with its categorized format as well as discrepancy summaries. All network discrepancies are presented in a single view, with user-friendly capabilities. Customizable difference reports are color coded based on the severity of their discrepancies.