Discover your network automatically, with Star Suite


Automated Topology Discovery, the process of discovering and mapping network components, links and dependencies are essential to sustain network’s effectiveness and efficiency. 

Since the improvement of virtual infrastructure and mobile computing, current network alters dynamically, companies expand to multiple locations and number of devices increases, automated topology discovery becomes an inevitable requirement. When you face with an outage or quality degradation, it is highly complex to overcome manually-without any mapping and discovering tool. 

Finding out the best discovery and mapping tool that fulfills your discovery, map and visualization needs has a great importance for monitoring the network state, identifying the bottlenecks and failures with the aim of minimizing error while maximizing network efficiency.

Why do you need Automated Topology Discovery?

As your network grows, planning, monitoring and management operations become challenging. Star Suite lets you know what your network includes, live status changes and its configuration. Most organizations are not able to keep the record of their whole physical and logical services accurately, Star Suite gives you accurate clean data in seconds each and every time.

If you cannot monitor different vendors and technologies at one glance, a piece of puzzle surely becomes missing. Star Suite is a domain and vendor agnostic OSS/BSS solution for your end to end topology discovery need.

Automated topology discovery provides

  • Exploring physical and logical services  accross dynamic network
  • Correlated customer, service, region data with real-time network
  • Model of complex components and hybrid services
  • Track real-time component statuses and dependencies on dashboards
  • Monitoring multi-vendor and multi-technology with ease
  • Accurate data source for vertical services
  • Unified and centralized CI structure 


Auto-Discovery of Anything

Star Suite enables service providers automated topology without the need of user input, manual configuration, and additional instrumentation. It builds accurate, up-to-date topologies that include dependencies between logical services and physical infrastructure.  Star Suite gathers network information from multiple sources and transforms into dependency model.

Monitoring & Visualization

Network engineers and executive decision makers need topologic visualization of the services to understand how network infrastructure is organized. Users are allowed to map out elements across entire network topology through an in-depth visualized format and then expose dependencies and interconnections of each item in a live manner. On the fly visibility into the status of network inventory allowing users to spot recently discovered devices and unexpected device actions. Star Suite discovers, creates maps a visual and logical representations, interconnected domains, and physical & logical services. Moreover, SPOF and MPOF analyses based on provided topology are offered.


With Star Suite, get end to end topology visualization over your network. It is beneficial to observe the topology in a bird eye view for managing your network effectively. Since domains such as RadioLink, MPLS and Mobile (Core/RAN) are related to each other and all network segments are combined in Star Suite, you can monitor whole network once. With the seen of these relations, you can drill down to root causes of the failures easily.

Link real-time network

Providing both semantic modelling and graph-data gives you in-depth dynamic sight of network, services and customer dependencies that are constantly up to date by automated device and change detection. Manage your multi-domain multi-vendor network environment simply yet exhaustively.


Star Suite ables to collect data from various data sources including NMS, EMS, device configurations etc. and reconcile into end-to-end model. Moreover, golden data which is acquired from automated topology discovery can be integrated and become an accurate data source of 3rd party applications.